Call for Proposals to Host Library Instruction West 2018

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The hosts of Library Instruction Instruction West 2014 and Library Instruction West 2016 invite proposals from potential hosts for Library Instruction West 2018. Library Instruction West (LIW), formerly known as LOEX of the West, was first held in June, 1994 at Willamette University. The goal was to provide a library user education conference in the West, and it’s been a success! There has been a conference every two years since then throughout the western US and Canada, in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Nevada, and Alberta.

In 2014, the conference was hosted by Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. This year, Library Instruction West will be June 8-10, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah, hosted by the University of Utah in collaboration with Westminster College and Utah State University. (More conference history is available online from the 2012 hosts at Woodbury University.)

The LIW 2014 and LIW 2016 Committees are now seeking applications from institutions or organizations interested in hosting the lucky 13th LIW in 2018. Applications are due April 18, 2016.

Submit your application by: Monday, April 18, 2016
Decision will be made by: Early May, 2016
All applicants will be notified by: Mid-May, 2016

Important information and tips to applicants:

  • Support from your institution/organization is essential. This includes administrative support from your director/dean; staff support; available facilities; support for accounting, website hosting, and design of conference materials. Your organization will be the fiscal agent for the conference.
  • LIW is a grassroots conference. It is run by the conference hosts with no formal structure, dues, or governance. The money to run the conference comes from registration fees. You will be learning how to organize a conference as you organize the conference! You can call on previous hosts for tips and enthusiasm, but you will be doing a lot of work!
  • Registration fees should be kept reasonable, less than $250/person, including conference meals (but not lodging).
  • Attendance ranges from 175-250 people.
  • When choosing dates, think about other regional and national conferences and their locations (check dates for ALA Annual, for example), large events held in your town (especially if they will take up hotel rooms), and your campus schedule. It might be easier to host the conference during intersession or summer session.
  • Think about a potential planning committee (who on your library’s staff will be involved?) and your team’s experience/ability to host a large event.
  • Lodging: it is essential to have hotels or residences nearby. You don’t have to use on-campus residence halls, but this does go a long way towards keeping costs low for attendees.
  • Transportation: access to your location (nearby airports, public transit to get around your city/town, etc.) is a key factor.
  • The possibility for activities or excursions for attendees outside of sessions is a plus.
  • Any additional money left over from the conference usually goes to the next conference team.

The LOTW 2018 Selection Committee will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have about hosting. We strongly encourage any potential hosts to email Joan Petit or other previous hosts for more information about the responsibilities involved. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work! Joan or Dale Larsen, chair of LIW16, can answer specific questions:

Joan Petit, Portland State University, Chair, LIW14
Dale Larsen, University of Utah, Chair, LIW16

Please email your application to Joan Petit (LIW14 Chair) at Address the following questions:

  1. Proposed host & location (name of organization, location)
  2. Proposed dates (generally held in the summer)
  3. Proposed themes (this is not set in stone, but we want to get an idea of your thinking)
  4. Describe your available institutional support (i.e. approval from provost or president, library administration support, willingness of campus to provide space)
  5. Please describe financial arrangements
  6. Please briefly discuss affordability (an approximate range for registration costs)
  7. Describe your potential planning committee (Who on your library’s staff will be involved? Who will serve as conference chair or co-chairs?)
  8. Describe the campus or nearby facilities available for hosting conference sessions (generally, you will need one large space for the keynote and several smaller spaces for concurrent sessions; you will also need a space for meals)
  9. Briefly describe housing options for attendees, both on-campus (if available) and off-campus
  10. Briefly describe transportation access to your location (nearby airports, public transportation to your campus and around your town or city)
  11. Please describe some possible activities that might be available to conference attendees
  12. Contact information (names & email addresses for proposers)

Applications are due April 18, 2016.


Library Instruction West 2014 conference logoFrom July 23-25, 2014, more than 250 librarians from the US, Canada, and the UK traveled to Portland for Library Instruction West, a conference focused on user instruction in academic libraries and hosted by Portland State University Library.

The conference program, including several presentations, is available online.

The journal Reference Services Review published a special theme issue with papers drawn from LIW presentations. Those articles are available in PDXScholar.

Adam Matthew Digital logoThanks to sponsors of MLS Student Scholarships, Adam Matthew Digital and YBP Library Services. Adam Matthew funded the attendance of four MLS students, and YBP funded the attendance of one MLS Student.

image for YBP Library Services

Library Instruction West 2016 will be held June 8-10 in Salt Lake City, Utah.