Group Study & Quiet Floors

Group Study

sandbox study areaLearning Ground Lab & Sandbox

1st Floor Computer Lab

Learning Ground Lab & Sandbox (north end of the 1st floor) has wheelchair accessible computers, scanners, black & white and color printing, and a collaborative study area that includes mobile furniture, writable walls, computers with 55″ displays, and wall-mounted touch-screen computers.

Mediascape shared displayMedia:Scape Station

2nd Floor

The Media:Scape station (south end of the 2nd floor) is connected to a standard lab computer and enables screen-sharing with personal laptops, or Library iPads or Laptops.

Library Research Center computersLibrary Research Center

2nd Floor Computer Lab

Reference Librarians staff the Library Research Center (2nd floor across from the elevators). There are 70 PCs and several Macs, wheelchair accessible computers, scanners, and black & white printing, as well as color printing.

3rd floor study spaceFlexible Study Area

3rd Floor

This is a large flexible study area with furniture that can be moved to fit individual or group study needs. There is comfortable seating, ottomans, rolling whiteboards, study booths with touchscreens, chairs with laptop trays and numerous floor outlets to accommodate personal laptops, or students can borrow a Library iPad or Laptop.

Quiet Floors

Basement, 4th and 5th Floors

These floors are designated to provide students with quiet places to focus and study.

Throughout the Library, beverages in covered containers are allowed, as are snacks.