Individual Study & Quiet Floors

Study Areas

The basement and the 5th floor are the designated Quiet Floors in the library, providing students with quiet spaces to focus and study. All other floors are intended for individual study, small group study, and remote learning. 

sandbox study area

Learning Ground Lab

1st Floor Computer Lab

On the north end of the 1st floor, the Learning Ground has Windows and Mac computers and laptop stations with dual monitors, sit-stand computers, scanners, charging outlets, and black & white and color printing. You’ll also find the Research Help Desk and Technology Help Desk here.

Library Research Center computers

Library Research Center

2nd Floor Computer Lab

The Library Research Center on the 2nd floor has Windows computers, accessibility stations, and scanners. For help with printing and research, please visit the 1st floor lab.

3rd floor study space

Flexible Study Area

3rd Floor

This is a large flexible study area with furniture that can be moved to fit various study needs. There is comfortable seating, ottomans, rolling whiteboards, study booths with computers, chairs with laptop trays and numerous floor outlets to accommodate personal laptops, or students can borrow a Library Laptop.