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Students, faculty, and staff can request workshops. Workshops can be held on Zoom, in a Library conference room, or any room on campus with presentation equipment.

  1. Find at least four individuals committed to attending one of the workshops in the Workshop Menu.
  2. Submit the Workshop Request form at least one week in advance of your first choice date. 

Contact your subject librarian for individual, smaller group help, or other instruction services.

Have a suggestion for a workshop? Please email Kim Pendell.

Workshop Menu

Citation Management with Zotero
Hands-on Workshop 1.5 hours
This workshop provides an overview of Zotero, a free and open-source citation management tool that allows users to capture, save, and annotate PDFs and other information sources. Zotero is an especially powerful research tool because it can capture records and files directly from the library catalog, databases, Google Scholar, and other websites. In this tutorial session, we will cover:

  • Basic functions of Zotero;
  • Saving citations;
  • Adding your own research notes to citation records and PDFs;
  • Importing Zotero citations directly into Microsoft Word documents;
  • Creating project-specific folders.

To maximize our time, we ask that attendees download Zotero and Zotero Connector in advance of the session. For more information, please check our Zotero guide.

Searching for Thesis & Dissertation Literature Reviews
Hands-on Workshop 1.5 hours
The literature review is a critical piece of your thesis, dissertation, or research article, providing your readers with context of why your research matters. This workshop will give you strategies and tips for conducting an effective and comprehensive search for literature across multiple databases and search engines.

Demonstrate Your Impact
Hands-on Workshop 1.5 hours
Learn to track and communicate the impact of your research contributions in a networked information world. This workshop presents resources for quantitative metrics, including impact measures and citation counts, as well as how to gather qualitative evidence via tools like altmetrics and social media.

Manage Your Research Data
Hands-on Workshop 1.5 hours
Data management is a vital part of the research process. This workshop outlines the steps for data management, so you can develop good habits early on to help you effectively manage and maintain the usefulness of your research data. Managing your data makes it easier for you (and other scholars) to share and build upon your research in new studies.

Behind the Curtain: Backstage with Academic Publishing
Hands-on Workshop 1.5 hours
This workshop will take you behind the curtain of academic publishing. Who runs journals? Who edits them? How do submissions get reviewed? How are decisions made? How do I know what journal is right for my work? Get these and many of your other questions answered. Come away with a broader understanding of all of the details and processes that create stage-ready publications.

PubMed Searching: Basics and Beyond
Hands-on Workshop 1.5 hours
Learn expert tricks for searching PubMed, a database for health and biomedical literature, and get more from your searches. This workshop can cover skills such as: using Medical Subject Headings for power searching, finding data sets, using and managing saved searches, customizing PubMed with your NCBI account, and more.