Interlibrary Loan is an international borrowing and lending service. You can obtain articles as PDFs via email scanned from PSU’s print collection, items held in PSU’s off-site collection, and materials from other libraries. Faculty can request departmental delivery, and distance users can request home delivery.

Use WorldCat to find items and place requests, or login to submit requests.

PSU faculty, staff & students

Summit Regional Borrowing

Summit is regional Interlibrary Loan. Because we use a local courier, you get things faster. You can borrow from a consortium of academic libraries in our region. Summit is for books and physical materials.

More Services

  • Departmental Delivery
    A service for PSU faculty, Summit and PSU-owned materials are delivered to departments.
  • Distance Users
    PSU affiliates more than 30 miles from campus receive home delivery.


ILL & Article Delivery
Min Cedillo
Interlibrary Loan Technician
(503) 725-3879

Summit Regional Borrowing
Pamela Ivey
Resource Sharing Technician
(503) 725-4134