Interlibrary Loan, Summit & Article Delivery

The PSU Library is pleased to announce that on November 15, 2022, we will move to a new way of requesting materials through our interlibrary loan system. This system allows for easier requesting, faster turnaround time, and a clear indication of when library materials will arrive.

ILLiad, the software previously used for interlibrary loan, will continue to be available for new requests until December 9th. If you use your ILLiad account to save bibliographic information about your past requests, please be sure to save that information elsewhere or migrate it to a citation manager like Zotero.

Use the button below to sign in to your ILLiad account. 

Borrowing from Other Libraries

If you’re looking for a book, DVD, or journal article the PSU Library doesn’t own, you may be able to request what you need from another library. The Library has borrowing agreements with many Pacific Northwest academic libraries (Summit) and with other libraries around the world (Interlibrary Loan). You don’t need to choose a lending library when you make a request; our system will automatically prioritize fastest delivery.

How to Make a Request

  1. Search the PSU Library Catalog for the item you need and click on the title
  2. Sign in with your PSU ODIN account 
  3. Select a Request option 
  4. Add any necessary information to the request form and click Send

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ILL & Article Delivery
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Interlibrary Loan Technician
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Summit Regional Borrowing
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Resource Sharing Technician
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