Interlibrary Loan, Summit & Article Delivery

Interlibrary Loan is an international borrowing and lending service. You can obtain articles as PDFs via email scanned from PSU’s print collection, items held in PSU’s off-site collection, and materials from other libraries. Faculty can request departmental delivery, and distance users can request home delivery.

PSU faculty, staff & students

Summit Regional Borrowing

Summit is a regional Interlibrary Loan service. Because we use a local courier, you can get library materials quickly. You can borrow from a consortium of academic libraries in our region. Summit is for books and physical materials.

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ILL & Article Delivery
Min Cedillo
Interlibrary Loan Technician
(503) 725-3879

Summit Regional Borrowing
Pamela Ivey
Resource Sharing Technician
(503) 725-4134