About the Library

Portland State University Library seeks to align its mission and values with those of the University while also articulating a unique vision for the Library’s future. Our mission is to advance the intellectual vitality, knowledge, and creativity of the Portland State University community. We are committed to the University motto, Let Knowledge Serve the City.

What We Offer

History of the Building

The Branford Price Millar Library was first built in 1966 and originally consisted of a rectangular structure oriented roughly north and south along the east side of 10th Avenue. The striking architecture of the eastern portion, a convex wall of glass, was added in 1989 and reflects the environmental awareness of this Pacific Northwest university. The eastern addition was designed to surround, rather than replace, a historic copper beech tree. The Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) tree in front of the Library was designated a Portland Heritage Tree by the Portland City Council in 1995. It was planted in about 1890.