Portland State University Library 2019-2022 Strategic Plan


To lead the intellectual vitality, knowledge development, and creativity of the Portland State University community.


Placing ourselves at the center of intellectual inquiry at Portland State University


  • Equity and inclusion
  • Student and faculty focused
  • Sustainable

Areas of Focus and Objectives

In a changing environment, how do we prepare for challenges?

  • Provide and improve essential services and spaces
  • Develop and support relevant collections and resources
  • Implement agile and effective processes and structures

In a changing environment, how do we embrace and create opportunities?

  • Identify and strategically cultivate areas of strength, leadership, and expertise
  • Promote and leverage ongoing initiatives and successes
  • Develop and sustain collaborations with new and existing partners

How do we continue to positively engage and effectively support the communities we serve?

  • Identify and implement programs and services to support our communities, including collaborations with campus organizations and student groups
  • Foster a more secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment

How do we develop and maintain a positive library culture?

  • Cultivate engagement of library employees
  • Identify and support career development and mentoring opportunities for library employees, including student employees