Computer Labs & Research Kiosks

Learning Ground Lab

1st Floor Computer Lab

Learning Ground Lab (north end of the 1st floor) has wheelchair accessible computers, scanners, black & white and color printing.

Library Research Center

2nd Floor Computer Lab (suspended)

Reference Librarians staff the Library Research Center (2nd floor across from the elevators). There are 80 lab computers (PC and Mac), accessibility stations, desktop and book scanners, and black & white and color printing. The Technology Support Desk is located next to the main reference desk.


1st Floor Lab20 of 21
2nd Floor LabClosed


Laptops14 of 429
Chromebooks58 of 339
Webcams33 of 174
WiFi Hotspots5 of 504
Wacom Tablets5 of 48

Please note, computer labs are for PSU affiliates only. Research Kiosks are available for visitor use.

Research Kiosks (suspended)

  • These computers provide access to the Library catalog, research databases, and designated educational websites.
  • A row of visitor-use research kiosks is on the 2nd floor, south wall, and other kiosks are located throughout the Library. Research kiosks have a 15 minute limit, except the machines on the south side of the 2nd floor.
  • A pay printer  for members of the public is located on 2nd floor (10¢ per page).
  • Document editing is limited to Notepad, Wordpad and Google Documents.
  • Downloaded files can be saved to USB, CD/DVD, or sent as attachments with web-based “.edu” accounts.
  • Web-based Printing allows students to submit print jobs through the campus system and use print quota credit.