Learning Ground Lab & Sandbox

About the Learning Ground Lab & Sandbox

The Learning Ground Lab and Sandbox is in the north wing of the Library’s first floor. The area features several technologies and work spaces, including an extensive computer lab, assistive technologies, and a technology support desk. It also features a counter running along the front window of the Library, with a number of stools for seating, ready access to power outlets, and a great view of the park blocks.

The Learning Ground Lab

Featuring over 50 PCs and nearly 20 Mac workstations, 3 high-speed printer/scanners, color-printing, quick-print kiosks, flatbed scanners, and several assistive technology workstations, this area is one of the most welcoming and busiest computer labs on campus.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a collaborative study area offering innovative technologies for student collaboration. Adjacent to the computer lab, this space offers a range of technologies aimed at fostering student collaboration, including wall-mounted LCD displays, touch-screen computers, floor-to-ceiling writable wall surfaces and whiteboards, and a variety of seating and work spaces.  It includes 55″ displays and wall-mounted touch-screen computers. All of the furniture is mobile, enabling the space meet any group’s needs. Sandbox Panorama