Building Use Policy

April 2022

As members of an academic community, library patrons as well as library employees are responsible for sustaining a scholarly environment, which the University Library defines as an environment supportive of study, research, scholarship, creative production, and collaboration. While we welcome everyone, including community guests, our primary focus is Portland State University (PSU) students and employees. Library employees provide knowledgeable, courteous, effective service, and respect individuals’ intellectual freedom.

We ask everyone to treat each other with courtesy and respect.

PSU students, employees, and community guests are asked to refrain from disruptive or disorderly conduct, or behavior that disturbs the scholarly environment of the Library, including but not limited to:

  • Using loud, obscene, abusive, or threatening language;
  • Making noise that is disruptive or otherwise interferes with the scholarly environment;
  • Engaging in behavior that violates the University’s Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy or any other University or Library policy or standard;
  • Damaging or destroying building property, including engaging in graffiti, vandalism, and other actions likely to cause damage to the building or its contents;
  • Disruptive behavior;
  • Handing out printed materials, leaving them on study tables, or posting printed materials on doors, walls, and bulletin boards not specifically designated for that purpose;
  • Soliciting or selling items;
  • Using seating or space in a way that interferes with the scholarly environment. Examples include: blocking the aisles and walkways with large amounts of personal belongings and using the space as living quarters;
  • Leaving personal belongings unattended;
  • Going through recycle bins or trash cans;
  • Refusing to leave the building at closing time.

For PSU students and employees, this Building Access Policy and Policies and Codes of Conduct at PSU outline expectations as well as processes to be followed should violations occur. All library guests who violate these policies may be referred to Campus Public Safety and asked to leave the Library.

In the event of disruptive or disorderly conduct, or behavior that disturbs the scholarly environment of the Library, the Library may request that you leave the premises and refusal to comply with this request may result in a referral to Campus Public Safety.

Service animals are welcome. Support animals are allowed if they are registered with the Disability Resource Center or Human Resources. All other animals are prohibited.