Overdue Fines & Replacement Charges

Item Overdue Fines Replacement Charges
Owned by PSU¹ No charge $110*
Borrowed via Summit 50¢ per day/$15 maximum $90 plus $15 non-refundable fee
Borrowed via Interlibrary Loan No charge $110 minimum or lender charge*
Course Reserve 2 or 24 hour item $1 per hour, $35 maximum Material cost plus rush shipping*
iPad $20 per hour/$200 maximum $635*
Laptop $20 per hour/$200 maximum $1535*
Study Room Key No charge $135*

¹ excludes Course Reserves, short-term loans, & recalled items
* includes $35 non-refundable processing fee

More Information

  • Course Reserves, short-term loans, & recalled items will be billed when 24 hours late.
    Charges are non-refundable.
  • PSU-owned items may be recalled by another user, shortening the checkout.
    If late, recalled items accrue an additional 50¢ surcharge per day.
  • Update Personal Info or Pay Fines on Banweb
    The Library uses the most recent information from Banweb.
  • Forward Notices to Another Email Address
    Courtesy due date reminders are sent to your pdx.edu email address.