Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery FAQ

Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is the service of borrowing materials not owned by PSU from other libraries. The PSU Library has borrowing agreements with many Pacific Northwest academic libraries (Summit) and with other libraries around the world. 

You don’t need to choose a lending library when you make a request from another library; our system will automatically prioritize fastest delivery.

Who is eligible to use Interlibrary Loan?

Current PSU faculty, staff and students are eligible.

What kinds of materials can be requested?

You can request journal articles, book chapters, print books, movies, and music from other libraries. Journal articles and book chapters will be sent in PDF format to your email address. Print books and other physical materials will be available for pickup at the 1st floor Library Circulation Desk.

How long do these services take?

Journal articles and book chapters should be sent to your email address in 2-3 business days. Print books and other physical materials will likely arrive in 7-12 business days.

Are all Interlibrary Loan requests filled?

Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery staff do our best to fulfill requests that you place. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain all materials requested.

Can Interlibrary Loan materials be renewed?

Some items borrowed from other libraries are eligible for renewal. You can request renewals by signing in to your My Accounts page. If the item you’ve borrowed is says “No Renewals” on the paper band, it is from a library that does not allow renewals. 


Are there charges or fines?

Interlibrary Loan does not assess overdue fines. Patrons may incur charges if items are lost or returned damaged or vandalized:
  • Lost/damaged item service charge: $35 (nonrefundable)
  • Lost/damaged item replacement cost: $75 or higher (at least $75 or the actual cost of the lost/damaged item)
More information: Fines & Charges

Where are Interlibrary Loan items picked up?

Loans are held at the Circulation Desk, located on the first floor of the library, and can be picked up using your PSU ID or photo ID. Articles will typically be delivered electronically. If we are unable to supply an electronic copy, the physical copy will also be available for pick up at the Circulation Desk.

How do I return materials borrowed via Interlibrary Loan?

Materials borrowed through PSU Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery should be returned to PSU Library. Please include all paper work that originally came with your item.

You also have the option of returning items through USPS or commercial shipping services:
PSU Library Interlibrary Loan
1875 SW Park Ave.
Portland, OR 97201

Can dissertations be requested through Interlibrary Loan?

If the lending library will allow the dissertation to circulate, we will happily request it for you.

Is it possible to request archival materials?

If the owning library will lend the material, we will happily request it for you.

Do you keep my request history?

Yes, we keep data until it is no longer needed to manage library services. We protect your information from unauthorized disclosure. The request history benefits users who can review bibliographic information from previous requests. Please refer to the Library privacy policy for further information. Contact Interlibrary Loan & Article Delivery staff if you have concerns.