2024 Student Research Symposium - Part of Research Week!

Research Week: From Idea to Impact - May 6-10, 2024; Join us for a week of events celebrating student, faculty, and community research.

Student Research Symposium May 8 – Part of Research Week.

The Student Research Symposium, part of PSU Research Week, is an opportunity for current PSU graduate and undergraduate students across all disciplines to showcase their research. Students gain experience and confidence presenting and defending ideas to an audience, and get valuable feedback to further their investigations.

This year’s in-person Symposium will take place Wednesday, May 8, 2024 in Smith Memorial Student Union.
Files of student posters and oral presentations are also hosted by PDXScholar, the institutional repository for Portland State University, a permanent and open archive of research, scholarship, and creative works.
The proposal submission period ended April 15, 2024 at 10:00 a.m.  To update your submission, login:
PDXScholar Login (Student Research Symposium)
Poster Competition and Raffle Prizes
Enter the Student Research Symposium poster competition for a chance to win cash. Advanced projects with data collection and findings are more likely to win.  There will be several poster awards and an oral presentation raffle for both undergraduate and graduate students. Winners will each receive $100!

Help and Coaching Available! 
The PSU Center for Internship, Mentoring, and Research (CIMR) is hosting a series of workshops to help you prepare for the PSU Student Research Symposium.
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Since 2013, the Library has hosted Symposium papers and posters in PDXScholar, the institutional repository for Portland State University:

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