What Researchers Tell Us!

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What Researchers Tell Us 

In 2022, we received more than 100 comments. We are proud to share feedback from researchers and highlight many of the amazing resources in PDXScholar and their impact. Here are some of the comments that users gave permission to share:


I’m a Librarian at FVTC.edu. I was looking for OER to replace a textbook that was required and unavailable.  OER Guide for Writing Instructors was exactly what I needed today! Thank you!
— Valerie Magno, M.A.(Botany); M.L.I.S.

The thesis, “Russian Oregon: a history of the Russian Orthodox Church and settlement in Oregon,” provided documentation and details of my family’s immigration to the US and presence in Portland, Oregon from 1925-1927 as well as providing context for the establishment, ups and downs, and political situation for the Russian Orthodox Church and early parishes in Oregon.  I have great appreciation for the researchers who attempted to collect and provide the history and data before it disappeared.
— Lisa Brailey, Teacher

I am creating an exhibit for National History Day on the women’s suffrage movement in the West, and having free access to master’s theses and other heavily-researched works has really helped me shape my project. Especially right now, in the midst of a pandemic,  having all this information online is extremely beneficial. I can’t express how grateful I am that these resources have been made available to me, and I don’t even have to pay to use them! It has truly made a difference in the creation of my exhibit, so thank you. I’m only a sophomore at a small high school in a small agriculture town, yet I’m able to view college-level articles and papers while at school. Again, thank you for making this available to students like me.
— Clara Belle, High School Sophomore

I‘m a retired Forest Service hydrologist reading research by Portland State University Center for Lakes and Reservoirs done on the Umpqua National Forest where I worked for 30 years. I help connect Umpqua basin aquatic professionals and managers (Oregon, federal, watershed council and citizens) to each other and local work on aquatic resources. PSU research reports available in PDXScholar help me learn and distribute that information to others who can use it in their work, and to guide future work. Thank you.
— Mikeal Jones

I am a library consultant specializing in facilities planning for public libraries. Part of this work involves looking at population projections so that I can develop a plan for a new library that will serve the community in its future size. I utilize the reports created by the Population Research Center [Coordinated Population Forecast for Coos County, its Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB), and Area Outside UGBs 2018-2068] for this purpose and find them to be very helpful.
— Penny Hummel