Student-produced Research in the Racial and Gender Equity Collection

Student Research

PDXScholar, the campus repository for Portland State University, hosts numerous student papers and projects. Many student works are cross-indexed in the University Library’s Racial and Gender Equity Collection, one of the PDXScholar Featured Collections.

Theses and Dissertations can be found listed in the department, school, or college in which the degree was awarded, the main collection of dissertations and theses, as well as Featured Collections, including the Equity collection, Climate Justice collection, and Covid-19 Collection.

All dissertations and theses are archived in PDXScholar. 

Equity-focused Student Work

Nya MBock

Nya Mbock

How African Immigrants Perceive Blackness Within the American Ideality:
The Sensory Woman Art Installation

By Nya K. Mbock, former President of the Associated Students of Portland State University
This project aimed to create a multi-sensory mural with the guiding question, “How does the ideality of America become perceived and internalized through the eyes of African immigrants?” 
Part of the Honors Theses Collection (University Honors College Undergraduate Theses)


Jennifer Lindwall

Jennifer Lindwall

“Like I Was an Actual Researcher”: Participation and Identity Trajectories of Underrepresented Minority and First-Generation STEM Students in Research Training Communities of Practice
By Jennifer Lindwall – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Applied Psychology
This dissertation examines contextual features that support or hinder the science identity construction of underrepresented minority and first-generation STEM students, shaping their participation trajectories in STEM disciplines and careers.
Psychology Dissertations and Theses
Dissertations and Theses Collection (All Masters and PhD papers)


Aliza Tuttle

Aliza Tuttle

Examining Emergency Citizen Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Emergent Groups Addressing Food Insecurity in Portland, Oregon
By Aliza Tuttle – Master of Urban Studies (M.U.S.) in Urban Studies
This thesis finds that emergent groups were disproportionately led by people of color with lived experience of poverty who struggled to finance their efforts. Creating streamlined financial support pathways for emergent groups could lead to more equitable and flexible resource distribution for the communities most impacted by hazard events.
Urban Studies and Planning Dissertations and Theses
Dissertations and Theses Collection (All Masters and PhD papers)

More Examples of Equity-centered Student Work

Health of Transgender Adults, 2020
Honors Theses (University Honors College Undergraduate Theses)

An Exploration of the Wide-Reaching Effects of The Repeal of Roe v. Wade on Women’s Access to Abortion
Honors Theses (University Honors College Undergraduate Theses)

Women’s Work: a Feminist Standpoint Theory Study of Scholarship, Voice, and Resistance in the Academic Generation of Knowledge
Educational Leadership and Policy (D
issertations and Theses)

Gender Role as a Mediating Factor in Gender Pay Equity Analysis
Public Affairs and Policy (Graduate Dissertations)

Decolonizing Healthcare: a Black Feminist Analysis of Sisters Informing Sisters on Topics of AIDS (SISTA)
Sociology (Dissertations and Theses)

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