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Social workers assist millions of people every day. Clients can be anyone, from veterans to children, families and entire communities. Social workers often work with people who are going through devastating illnesses or mental health crises. Furthermore, social workers handle complex issues that can range from public policy to social justice and community services. As a result, social workers need research tools that tackle the evolving needs of many clients in many different situations.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Work

Black and white Image of man interviewing woman and child

Social Work interview (Helen Gordon Center), 5/5/76

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Work, PSU Library’s featured resource, is a powerful tool for researchers. Use it to search for valuable background information on topics related to social work. In addition, references at the end of entries will lead you to key researchers and foundational works on those topics.

Like the field of social work, the Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Work gets updated as policies and trends change. Consequently, the Encyclopedia’s newest edition covers updates like demographic changes from immigration, technology, managed care, faith-based care, evidence-based practice, gerontology, trauma, and disaster care. In addition to subjects relating to social work, the encyclopedia also has biographies of people who shaped the field.

Social work research at the PSU library

Librarians at the PSU Library have created helpful guides for researchers studying social work and related topics. Learn more about the Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Work and other PSU Library resources. In addition, learn more about related topics like community health and public policy.

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