PSU Library Offers Multiple Open Access Publishing Opportunities in 2021

The PSU Library is excited to offer the following Open Access (OA) publishing opportunities to the PSU campus with three well known and respected publishers. These opportunities are made available through signed agreements with the Association of Computing Machinery, the Company of Biologists, and Cambridge University Press with no additional costs to primary or corresponding authors. This means primary or corresponding PSU authors wishing to publish openly with these publishers do not have to pay author publishing charges (APCs). 

Our agreement with the Association of Computing Machinery is made possible through our participation in two library consortia: The Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) and the Orbis Cascade Alliance (known as the Alliance). With this agreement, known as ACM Open, the PSU campus community has full read access to all of the content available in ACM Digital Library and the PSU primary or corresponding authors can publish scholarly content openly with no APC fees. It is completely up to the author to make the choice on whether to publish openly or not. Our current subscription agreement is available through 2023. 
Second, we have brokered a local institutional agreement with the Company of Biologists to provide full read access to these journals: Development, Journal of Experimental Biology, and Journal of Cell Science. Primary or corresponding authors wishing to publish open access with these journals will be allowed to do so with no APC fees. This subscription agreement is also in place through 2023. 
Lastly, through a consortium agreement with the Alliance, we are able to provide open access publishing with no APCs to the majority of Cambridge University Press Journals (CUP). We currently have complete read access to all of their journal publications through the Library Catalog. There are more than 350 CUP journals which will accept open access articles. PSU primary or corresponding authors can choose to publish their articles openly with these journals with no APCs. Like the other two, this subscription agreement is in place through 2023.
The PSU Library encourages all PSU authors to take advantage of publishing their work openly with no additional fees.