Online Debut of Center for Moving Image Collection

Special Collections and the University Archives at Portland State Library is proud to announce the online debut of the Center for the Moving Image Collection.

For nearly three decades, educator and scholar Andries Deinum challenged and inspired Portland to critically engage with the medium of film. In 1969, Deinum and his former student, Tom T. Taylor, established the Center for the Moving Image (CMI) at Portland State University. It was the first academic film program in Oregon. CMI exemplified Portland State’s motto, “Let Knowledge Serve the City,” encouraging students to use the tools and language of film and video to document, connect, influence, and inspire their surrounding community. Alumni of CMI went on to become filmmakers, cinematographers, media artists, writers, journalists, educators, and activists.

Committed to preserving and sharing the story of this influential confluence of educators and students, Portland State Library has published online eleven oral history interviews with former CMI students and colleagues by film scholar and former Portland State student Heather O. Petrocelli and digitized a selection of films by Deinum, Taylor and CMI, including “Albina Murals,” “Riches of the City,” and “The Seventh Day.”