New Open Textbook

Portland State University (PSU) Library is pleased to announce the publication of our newest open textbook, Daily Departures: Speed Reading Passages for English Language Learners, by Regina Weaver.

Daily Departures: Speed Reading Passages for English Language Learners is a collection of twenty 200-225 word reading passages written primarily within the 1,000-word level of the New General Service List and designed to provide fluency support for English language learners at the Waystage level of the Common European Framework Reference.

This is the 21st open textbook published through the PDXOpen Publishing Initiative Grant Program.  The open textbooks have saved 2,890 PSU students over $272,000 and have been downloaded over 152,000 times in countries all over the world. 

Portland State University is a founding member of the Open Textbook Network Publishing Cooperative. This is the second Co-op publication to be released. The Co-op is a community of people working together to grow open textbook publishing expertise in higher education, and increase the availability of free, open textbooks for use by instructors and students across the world. For more information: