Looking for Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a great resource and excellent tool for researchers. It searches the academic, scholarly web for peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts, and articles.

Connect to PSU Library

In order to get the most out of Google Scholar off campus, you should connect it to PSU Library. First, go to ‘Settings.’ Next, click on ‘Library links’ and search for “Portland State.” You should see several results for resources available through the PSU Library, shown in the image below.

Library links setting in Google Scholar, with PSU resources checked

Check these resources and save your settings to connect to Portland State University Library. With this option turned on, Google Scholar will identify full text articles available from PSU Library resources. Additionally, you will discover open access articles from other universities and colleges.

Access Google Scholar from the PSU Library Website

The PSU Library website has several places where you can connect to Google Scholar. The image below shows how to access it from the Research Tools & Collections menu. First, visit the PSU Library home page. Next, hover over ‘Research Tools & Collections.’ You will see a link for Google Scholar located under ‘Find Books, Articles & More.’

PSU Library website area for Research Tools & Collections with Google Scholar link highlighted

Additionally, you can access Google Scholar in the list of Research Starting Points on the Databases and Articles page. Finally, access Google Scholar in the alphabetical list of databases, under G.

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