Library Publishes New Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs

Portland State University Library is pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs.

The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs (HGJPA) is a graduate student-led academic journal of the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government in the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland State University. The journal features faculty, practitioner, and graduate student submissions that explore a range of public affairs issues.

In their introduction to the issue, co-editors Ethan C. Snyder and Barbara Payne write,

“One of the guiding principles of this journal was to present high quality public affairs discussions from an academic and professional lens. The area of public affairs and policy is informed through the interdependence of field observation and work coupled with academic study. As a journal, we recognize that challenges in public affairs do not simply reside in the hypotheticals of an aging text but have current, tangible impacts on real people. With a respect for informing public affairs professionals and an aspiration to archive the ever growing number of works in this field, HGJPA is committed to fostering critical analyses and diverse perspectives.”

The co-editors also note their gratitude to the Library’s Karen Bjork, Head of Digital Initiatives: “In addition to the Editorial Board, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to Karen Bjork. Karen played an integral role in the development of the journal and continues to support it with zeal.”

The faculty advisor to the journal is Dr. Bruce Gilley.

The journal is published in PDXScholar and is freely available online.  HGJPA joins Anthós and the PSU McNair Scholars Online Journal as student-led journals published through PDXScholar.

PDXScholar, a service of Portland State University Library, provides open access to a diverse collection of academic, scholarly, scientific, and creative content produced by Portland State University faculty, students and staff. PDXScholar increases the visibility of authors’ works, maximizes research impact, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and provides regional and global communities with immediate and permanent access.

Read The Hatfield Graduate Journal of Public Affairs in PDXScholar.