Growing ORCHIDs at Portland State

What is an ORCID iD?
ORCID stands for “Open Researcher and Contributor ID,” and the “ORCID iD” is a service provided by the ORCID organization which provides a unique, persistent identifier free of charge to researchers. This identifier creates a quick link to your scholarship. For example, here is the ORCID record for Portland State faculty member Jill Emery, linked to her ORCID iD.
What are the benefits of having an ORCID iD? 
Have a common name? Or maybe you’ve changed your name or published under variations of your name? An ORCID iD disambiguates you from others, and makes it easy to identify your scholarship. Having an ORCID iD will significantly help other researchers and institutions identify you and your research. 
Having an ORCID means that this Emily Ford’s scholarship doesn’t get confused with this Emily Ford’s scholarship. 
Your publications and grants can connect to your ORCID record via the iD, making it a central location for your scholarly contributions. For example, if you have an eRACommons or login, you can connect it to your ORCID record. Once you’ve registered publications and grants are automatically added to your profile, making it easy to keep an up to date record. You can also manually add and edit entries. 
Many funding agencies require that PIs have ORCIDs already, and that is becoming more and more standard. Increasingly publishers like SpringerNature, PLOS, and the Royal Society of Chemistry are also requiring authors to have ORCID iD
Why does Portland State want more faculty to have ORCIDs? 
 More ORCID iDs means more visibility not only for you, but for the scholarship of all of us here at Portland State. Using an ORCID iD helps reduce errors across campus in various reporting systems and increases the ability for cross system interoperability–this means that ORCID iDs help your department, the Library, and RGS track and manage the University’s scholarly outputs. 
Get your ORCID iD
Register for an iD, and start building your ORCID record! An easy way to promote your ORCID iD is to add it to your email signature.