Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Research

About the Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies is a featured resource at the PSU Library. Gender and sexuality studies is an interdisciplinary social science, which means that it spans more than one field of study. Researchers examine gender and sexuality along with race and culture as part of a larger context. Subjects range from sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and politics, to contemporary history and psychology. Furthermore, researchers can explore these topics zoomed in at a local level, or at a larger cultural or regional view.

Using Encyclopedias for Research

Illustrated graphic from the PSU 1976 Women’s Studies certificate program course catalog, drawn by student P. Sexton

Encyclopedias are organized by subject. Subjects can range from specific events or people to broad concepts. As a result, researchers can home in on a topic or zoom out to examine broader context. Furthermore, helpful information is listed at the end of each entry. Related subjects let researchers find more information and build upon their research.  Finally, references and reading lists at the end of each entry help to point researchers to additional information.

PSU Library’s online encyclopedias accessible and easy to use,  and they are also scholarly. They are edited by verified experts and scholars in each discipline. In addition, the information, references and related topics are up-to-date. Researchers can use PSU Library’s scholarly resources to search for a topic, find current reliable information, and use that to find other related information online through the PSU Library.

Along with Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, PSU has many other resources such as databases of scholarly journals and articles, dissertations and theses, multimedia, and books.

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