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What is Statista?

Statista is a database covering statistics on a wide range of topics like business, media, and demographics from trustworthy sources. It includes both free data like government information, as well as proprietary information purchased from market research firms. Researchers can easily find the sources of the statistical data, and also download the results in multiple formats (XLS, PPT, PNG, and PDF). Scholars can use Statista to look at the big picture or specific details when doing statistics research. Find the answers to questions like:

  • What is the market analysis and forecast for a specific company? What about for a specific product?

  • How do Americans read, and how does this compare worldwide?

  • Why does a specific age group live tweet a television show or movie?

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Business, Media and Demographic Information

Survey about public confidence in US economy from Pew Research Center

“Infographic: Public Confidence In The U.S. Economy Hits 10-Year High” from Statista

Statista has both statistical information as well as forecasts for many different topics. Learn about specific industries and industry forecasts, or find dossiers for different markets. You can also find information about digital markets and physical markets.

Students and researchers in disciplines beyond business will also find Statista useful. Examine statistics about the media, as well as demographic information. Learn about companies and employment information, popularity of genres or specific titles, and also specific information about how consumers behave with books, video games, and other kinds of media. Finally, explore demographic information within industries and markets, or look at demographics of media consumers.

Build upon your research when you explore a topic within Statista. Examine a company to find news, statistics and forecasts, as well as information about competitors, related markets and related trends.

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Please note that off-campus access to Statista is restricted to current PSU students, faculty, and staff.