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About Routledge Handbooks Online

The Routledge Handbooks OnlineRoutledge Handbooks Online is the Portland State University Library’s featured resource. Routledge Handbooks Online is a collection of many scholarly reference eBooks. The eBooks have information on research topics vital to PSU students and faculty. Topics include historic and current research, and future trends in the Social Sciences and Humanities. They are scholarly guides to theory, method, and primary topics. PSU faculty have authored several works in the collection. The PSU Library has access to works in the following collections in Routledge Handbooks Online:

  • Asian Studies

  • Communication & Media

  • Environmental & Sustainability

  • Literature

  • Middle East Studies

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

Using Routledge Handbooks Online at Portland State University

Anyone can access Routledge Handbooks Online while on campus. PSU students, faculty and staff can access the collection off campus 24/7. Researchers can choose whether they want to browse the eBooks like books on a shelf, or search by specific keyword or topic.

The PSU Library has more collections with resources about the above topics. Online subject guides through the PSU Library will point researchers to even more resources outside of the eBooks collection, like physical resources, scholarly articles, government documents, and print books. The Library’s PDXScholar collection will also point researchers to additional scholarly sources, many by PSU faculty and student authors.

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