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What is Data.gov?

Data.gov is a source of accessible, discoverable, and open government data. This treasure trove of statistics and information pulls data from many different organizations, so it spans many different disciplines. Built-in search tools help you find the data you need regardless of size, scope or subject. Narrow the data down to the state, county or city level, search by the government organization, by subject or by format, and more. Whether you are researching national businesses or local demographics, Data.gov is an incredibly useful tool for everyone.

How Data.gov works

Data.gov provides access to federal open government data as well as data from state, local, and tribal governments. Data.gov does not create or host the data directly. Instead, it pulls open data resources into one centralized location. Once an open data source is formatted and ready to be used, the Data.gov team makes it open and available to all, synchronizing it as often as every 24 hours. Because Data.gov is an open government resource, it is available to everyone.

Data.gov LogoUse the data in any way you choose to have an impact on your community. Just a few examples of ways that open data has been used in the past include:

  • Tools to find the market value of local organic produce

  • Apps to search for local schools, hospitals, hotels, stores, and more

  • Insights into local neighborhood housing options and trends

  • Free public crime mapping and alert websites

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