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Featured Collections highlight research impacting our communities: 

The Climate Justice collection is one of the top ten most downloaded.
The Racial and Gender Equity collection has over 1.5 million downloads.
Covid-19 research has been downloaded by researchers in 202 countries.

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Climate Justice Collection

Climate Justice

With the goal of helping researchers find solutions to complex climate change problems and recognizing social justice and climate change are intertwined, the Digital Initiatives team, part of Portland State University Library, created the Climate Justice Collection. Our aim is to highlight the work of PSU researchers, foster cross-disciplinary collaboration, facilitate the co-creation of original research, and support climate advocacy.

Racial and Gender Equity

Racial and Gender Equity
The Racial and Gender Equity collection brings together a wide variety of research generated by the Portland State University community that is centered on the issues of racial justice, gender equity and related topics. The collection is designed to support people and organizations to interrupt institutionalized racism and sexism while developing knowledge and skills to deepen and broaden diversity, equity, and inclusion in their personal, professional and organizational practices. 

Coronavirus Disease Research – COVID-19

This collection showcases journal articles, preprints, and other publications and presentations about the Coronavirus COVID-19 by faculty and researchers at Portland State University. 
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