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Hydroponic lettuce grown without soil in raised beds

Learn about hydroponic farming and other developments in agricultural and environmental science

Agricultural & Environmental Science is our latest featured resource. PSU students and researchers studying Environmental Science will find this database particularly useful.

Agricultural & Environmental Science is a database covering peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, magazines and newspapers. It also includes grey literature, conference papers and proceedings, and other sources like EPA reports.

Agricultural & Environmental Science has in-depth information about science relating to the environment, agriculture, and technology. Find research about environmental science resources covering engineering, biotechnology, and bacteriology, as well as atmospheric science, ecology, and biology. In addition, use the database to learn about veterinary science, aquaculture and fisheries, farming and farming systems, nutrition and food, forestry, and plant science.

Researchers can easily use both simple keyword searches or use more advanced searches. Additionally, the database has other useful features like suggested related searches and search limiters. Researchers can then sort results to find full-text articles, scholarly ebooks, and other types of information.

Why would I use this database?

Agricultural & Environmental Science, and other cross-disciplinary databases, help researchers widen the scope of information and to have even more impact. This is important because scientific research about the environment and agriculture is complex and often crosses into different fields of study. Fortunately, cross-disciplinary databases like Agricultural & Environmental Science make it easier for researchers to find relevant information in other scientific discipline. This gives researchers more background information and context, and ultimately makes their research have a larger impact for everyone.

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Other resources for studying Environmental Science

PSU Library has many other resources for students and researchers studying environmental science in addition to Agricultural & Environmental Science. The Environmental Science and Management research guide suggests books, encyclopedias and helpful databases to use for research, as well as data and map resources. Finally, the guide has tools to help researchers cite their sources. Ask a Librarian at any time if you have questions about environmental science or any other type of research.

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