Call for Journal Hosting Proposals

PDXScholar is a powerful publishing platform, more than an institutional repository; it is an open access journal publishing platform.  The Digital Initiatives Team at the PSU Library manages PDXScholar and invites proposals to migrate existing journals or host/publish new journals.  This call for proposals responds to the growing interest in open access from authors, editors, and funders.  

Journal Proposal Form

Any faculty, staff, student, department, center, or college associated with Portland State University can request journal hosting.

Student-run journals must have actively involved PSU faculty.

Services provided by PSU Library:

  • Publication hosting – development of a public-facing site that provides access to the contents 
  • Creation and management of standard identifiers (ISSN, DOIs, persistent URLs)
  • Web-based software to manage editorial/peer-review functions
  • Copyright and licensing planning and support
  • Usage statistics for editors and contributors
  • Unlimited author/editor support
  • Search engine optimization
  • Long-term preservation 
  • Backfile upload

The editorial board is responsible for management of the publication — finding editorial staff, enlisting reviewers, marketing the publication, graphic design (after initial set-up), typesetting/layout, printing, etc. 

Is your journal a good match for PDXScholar?

  • Will the journal be fully open access and electronic?
    PDXScholar does not host subscription-based journals or provide print issues.
  • Do you have the support of your academic or administrative unit?
    Colleges, departments, and administrative units are designated the publishers of the journals, rather than individual faculty members or outside organizations to ensure journals published at PSU are sustainable and remain connected to PSU, even if the faculty member that proposes the journal takes a new position or retires. 
  • Do you have sufficient support and time to manage the journal? The University Library hosts journals through our ongoing subscription to the bepress Digital Commons system.  The Library assists with communication with bepress and can provide guidance on journal policies (such as author rights, copyright, Creative Commons) and general use of the system, but you will be responsible for managing all aspects of the journal, from development of the journal to publication of all issues.

If you answered yes to the questions above – great! 

To Get Started:

  1. Journal Proposal Form
    You will need to login with your PSU — — email account.
  2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
    The MOU has been vetted by PSU Counsel.  
  3. bepress Journal Setup Form
    Library staff sends the completed form to bepress.

Learn More:

Email if you have questions.