Print, Scan, Copy


Printers are located in the 1st Floor Learning Ground Lab and the 2nd Floor Library Research Center.
Each student has 500 free page credits per term; jobs can be released to printers across campus.

  • Default Printer is Lab_BW (Double-sided)
    Black & White = 1 Page Credit
  • Color Printer is Lab_Color (Students Only)
    Color Printing = 4 Page Credits
  • Single-Sided Printing
    For MS Word, update “Print on both sides” option to “No”
  • Research Kiosks with GoPrint are available for visitors (10¢ per page)

Microform Printing/Scanning


Several scanning options are available. There are public access scanners near the Circulation Desk, with several options for storing files: USB drive, email, pay printer, Google drive or smart phone.

More scanners for students only are located in the 1st Floor Learning Ground Lab and in the 2nd Floor Library Research Center.  Scan and send jobs to email accounts. File storage options vary, depending on workstation features.


One Black & White Copier is located in the southwest corner of the 1st Floor (10¢ per page).

For color reproductions, scan the pages and then print the file to Lab_Color (students only).