Course Reserves Copyright Policy

Copyright Compliance

  • By submitting a reserve request, the instructor accepts responsibility for copyright compliance.
  • All materials submitted to Course Reserves are subject to copyright review by the Course Reserves Coordinator and the Access Services Manager.
  • Copyright policies for course reserves are written in recognition of current guidelines, practices, statutes and judicial decisions to provide instructors and staff clear procedures that ensure adherence to the Fair Use provisions of Section 107 of the Copyright Act.
  • For more information, see the Portland State University Copyright Policy.

Electronic Reserves

Acceptable Materials:

  • Under Fair Use guidelines, one chapter from a book may be placed on electronic reserve.
  • A single photocopy of a journal article from a non-PSU library source may also be placed on Course Reserve.
  • Student-created materials require the student’s written permission; complete the FERPA release.

Ineligible materials:

  • Any part of commercially published study guides, answer keys, workbooks, or solutions manuals without publisher permission
  • Multiple chapters of a book
  • Multiple articles from the same journal

Physical Reserves

Acceptable Materials:

  • Materials owned by the Portland State University library
  • Personal copies of books, textbooks and audio-visual materials
  • Materials written by the instructor and for which the instructor owns copyright
  • Personal lecture notes, exams and syllabi
  • Course packets prepared by a copyright clearance center or commercial copy center (Clean Copy or PSU Bookstore)

Ineligible Materials:

  • Materials requested through Summit or Interlibrary Loan
  • Non-commercial (copied) DVDs, videotapes, CDs or audiotapes