Course Reserves Submission Guidelines

What You Need to Know

Required Information

  • Course Number and Name
  • Expected enrollment (How many students in your class)
  • Loan period: 2 Hours or 24 Hours
  • Term: Fall, Winter, Spring and/or Summer

Policies & Processing Information

  • Please submit reserve requests 2 weeks before the term starts.
  • At the beginning of each term, allow up to one week for processing.
  • Requests are processed in the order received.
  • The complete citation and high quality reproductions speed processing.
  • Copyright Policy for Course Reserves (All materials are subject to copyright policies.)

Options for Submitting Course Reserves

Procedures by Material Type

Articles / Chapters for Electronic Reserve

  • Provide a legible print copy that can be scanned, or email PDF.
  • Under Fair Use guidelines, one chapter from a book may be placed on electronic reserve or one article per issue, but we will seek publisher permission for all requests.
  • Student-created Materials Release/Request Form. (Student-created materials require the student’s permission.)

Books / DVDs

  • Bring Library-owned material to the 1st floor Circulation Desk, or provide our call number. (DVDs are behind the Circulation Desk.)
  • Bring personal copies to the Circulation Desk; designate your preference for return: pick-up or departmental delivery.
  • Materials from Summit or Interlibrary Loan may not be placed on reserve.

Course Packs

  • All course pack material must have copyright clearance.
  • Contact the PSU Bookstore: (503) 725-3780 (Ask for the Course Pack Coordinator).
  • Bring copyright-cleared course packs to the Circulation Desk.

Lecture Notes and Past Exams

  • Provide a legible print copy that can be scanned, or email the files.
  • Preferred file formats: PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or Excel

Student-produced Materials