Data Management

The Library provides services to assist faculty and student researchers with using, managing, and sharing  their data.

  • Data management plans: help writing data management plans, particularly for grant proposals
  • Data management audits: audits of your current data management practices to find gaps or problems
  • Data management workshops: development of workshops for classes, laboratories, research groups, and other groups on specific aspects of data management
  • Data storage: systems to archive and provide access to your data

What is Data Management?

Data management covers all steps in the collection, processing, storing and sharing of research data, including:

  • Processing and analyzing your data
  • Visualizing and representing your data
  • Verifying and documenting your data
  • Metadata and data description
  • Ethics and attribution of data
  • Data curation and reuse
  • Databases and data formats
  • Data conversion and interoperability
  • Data management and organization
  • Data preservation
  • Discovery and acquisition of data

The Library can help you with some of these issues; Academic & Research Computing can help with others. Please contact Kim Pendell for an initial consultation.