Data Storage

Depositing your data in an archive will facilitate its discovery and preservation. There are several options for long-term distribution and storage of your data, such as PDXScholar, Portland State University’s institutional repository, and disciplinary repositories.

In-Process Data

Research Computing Data Storage

Office of Information Technology’s Research Computing provides researchers and teams with data storage space for their ongoing work. This storage includes scratch storage and standard network storage, integrated with research computing systems and accessible from campus desktop systems. A base allocation is provided for free. Additional storage can be provided for a yearly subscription. For more information about OIT hosted data storage, please visit the research data storage overview.

Long Term Archiving & Sharing of Data

Disciplinary and Non-Disciplinary Data Repositories

Data repositories are available in many disciplines, as are large non-disciplinary repositories. The Registry of Research Data Repositories is a searchable catalog of all research data repositories. Each depository has its own policies and requirements; be sure to check that a repository will work well for your data and research context. Learn more about repositories for archiving and sharing data.


PDXScholar is Portland State University’s institutional repository. We provide a local archive storage option for sharing your data sets. You can use PDXScholar to showcase your data —  we can create project-specific data collection, departmental data, or data as supplemental files.


  • No fees
  • No file size limit
  • No type/format limits
  • Amazon S3 backup
  • DOI – permanent, unique identifier

Email Digital Initiatives Staff ( to submit data:

  • Title
    Manuscript and dataset titles should be similar.
  • Names
    Lead Investigators, co-authors, and affiliations
  • Abstract
    A short summary that provides information on context, goals, methods, and outcomes. Attach a separate document to provide more details, such as how to replicate results (e.g. a ‘readme’ file, XML file, or codebook).
  • Sponsorship
    Institution, organization or person that provided financial or inkind support for the development or collection of the dataset.
  • Related materials
    List any related manuscripts, datasets, conference proceedings, etc. and provide identifiers (e.g. DOI, URI) when possible.
  • Format of data
    Use the file extension or MIME type where possible, e.g., PDF, XML, MPG or application/pdf, text/xml, video/mpeg.

PDXScholar Description for Data Management Plans

The following is an example description of PDXScholar for your data management plan. Copy and edit as needed.

PDXScholar is Portland State University’s institutional repository that supports long-term data storage and access. Data will be archived in perpetuity at Portland State University’s institutional repository, PDXScholar. The data will be available [upon creation/upon conclusion of the grant/after some embargo period] in accordance with the rights policies outlined [elsewhere]. Primary responsibility for long-term preservation of the data rests with the Digital Initiatives Unit at Portland State University.