PDXScholar Consent Form

PDXScholar is the institutional repository for Portland State University. Our goal is to collect, preserve, and distribute works produced within the PSU community. This form is intended for content creators who wish to archive their work in PDXScholar. It is in lieu of the standard submission agreement users click through when uploading their own files, and usually applies to external contributors or speakers who wish to include their presentations in a collection or speaker series that is mediated by staff.

    • I certify that this is my original work.
    • As the author/creator/copyright holder(s), I retain rights to my work. (Copyright is not transferred.)
    • I have permissions from copyright owners (for images, graphs, tables, etc.) that are included in this work, and they are clearly identified and acknowledged.
    • I grant Portland State University (PSU) the non‐exclusive right to copy, display, distribute, and preserve my work and to make this work available in perpetuity in any format for educational or research purposes.
    • I understand that content will not be withdrawn unless significant or unusual circumstances, including legal concerns, such as copyright, libelous content, or privacy issues arise.
  • I reviewed options on the CC License About page and/or the License Chooser Tool, and I would like to use this type of license:

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