Share Your Work

Where to Publish?

With so many science communication and scholarly publishing venues, it can be hard to know how to share your work with a community of peers, students, and the interested public. Deciding where and how to share your work will depend on a variety of factors.
  • Do you need to publish peer-reviewed articles for promotion or tenure?
  • Do you want your ideas shared and targeted to a specific community?
  • Is it important to you that your work is shared in a way that it is free of financial barriers?
How you answered those questions will help you target specific publication and sharing venues. If you’d like to publish an article that is free of financial barriers for readers, find an open access publication in your field. If you’re interested in sharing your work with a very specific community, consider identifying a publishing venue central to that community’s discussions and concerns.


Subject Librarians can help you identify journals, and consult with you about appropriate sharing venues for your needs.

Demonstrate Your Work’s Impact

In addition to sharing the work that we create, we also want to demonstrate how impactful our work is on our students, peers, and communities. There are many ways to demonstrate impact. Journal metrics as reported on journal web pages can help show dissemination of your work, as can other reports.


  • Metrics Toolkit
    Provides guidance for demonstrating and evaluating claims of research impact
  • Eigenfactor
    Provides measures of a journal’s overall impact
  • Google Scholar
    Provides a citation count of articles
  • Web of Science
    Provides a citation count of articles as well as citation visualization tools
  • PDXScholar
    Provides download reports of your articles in this repository
Some publishers, such as Springer, offer Altmetrics tools, which gather statistics from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other places on the social web. These measures can provide broader context to how your work is discussed and disseminated.

Subject Librarians can help you with these tools and to identify other strategies to demonstrate your work’s impact.