Library Closure FAQs

The Millar Library building is closed indefinitely to all users. We will do our best to help you. Here are some answers to common questions. If you have specific questions about the library not answered here, please contact

This page was last updated on 5/24/2024.

What’s the Pop-up Library? 

Starting Wednesday, May 29, we will offer limited services at the Pop-up Library in Smith 026 for PSU students, faculty, and staff. At this temporary location, you can borrow spring term course reserves books, borrow graphic calculators, return checked out library books and equipment, and get library information in-person. You can also study in this space, which is generally used by Smith as a study space for students. Access the Pop-up Library with your PSU card during these hours:

  • Monday to Thursday, 8am – 9pm
  • Friday, 8am – 7pm
  • Saturday to Sunday, 12pm – 5pm

Can I borrow print books, technology, and other physical material? 

Book borrowing from the main stacks is suspended indefinitely. Until further notice we’ll be unable to lend any print books, print journals, physical multimedia, or equipment other than the reserves items and calculators at the Pop-up Library. 

Can I use items on print reserve?

Textbooks on reserve for spring term will be available starting on Wednesday, May 29 in the Pop-up Library in Smith 026. Otherwise, you can request PDFs of the chapters you need most through interlibrary loan – just search for the book in the library catalog and click the button under Request from other libraries. You must make a separate request for each chapter you need. You can also Ask a Librarian for help. We will do our best to assist you. We also encourage you to ask your professor for alternative options. 

I’m a professor. Can I access print reserves for my students?

Please send your students to the Pop-up Library in Smith starting May 29. Some instructors have been able to get free digital copies for their students by contacting the publishers and explaining the situation. If you have further questions, please contact

What if I have something on hold? 

We don’t have access to those materials, so we can’t check them out to you. They will stay on hold for you for the foreseeable future, and interlibrary loan items will not be sent back to their home libraries. We will keep you updated if anything changes. 

What if I have something checked out or overdue? 

Return library books and equipment to the Pop-up Library Smith 026 during open hours starting May 29, or return books to the outside book drop at SW 10th & Montgomery anytime. We will start processing returns on Wednesday, May 29. We have adjusted due dates accordingly. You will not accrue overdue fines for the period when the library was unable to process returns. Email if you have questions about specific items.

Can I request articles, books, and other materials from Pacific Northwest academic libraries (Summit) and interlibrary loan?

You can request electronic journal articles and book chapters as usual through the library catalog (learn more about how to make a request). We have indefinitely suspended borrowing of physical materials from other Pacific Northwest academic libraries and interlibrary loan. Email if you have questions about interlibrary loan during this time. 

How can I check out materials from and/or get materials delivered to me at other academic libraries? 

Through the Orbis Cascade Alliance, any current PSU student, staff, faculty member, or faculty emeriti has the ability to borrow materials at and from any other Alliance member institution as a Summit Visiting Patron. You can also pick up Pacific Northwest academic libraries (Summit) materials from other Summit libraries. Several of these libraries are in the Portland area, and you must visit in person first to establish a local account with them. 


Where can I use a computer?

On campus, you can use the OIT computers in the FMH basement (now open on weekends), Broadway Residence Hall (open weekdays until 9:30pm), and in Cramer Hall in the University Studies labs on the first and second floors. Off campus, you can use Multnomah County Library computers

Where can I print?

On campus, you can print and scan with OIT printer/scanners in the FMH basement and in Cramer Hall in the University Studies labs on the first and second floors. Off campus, Multnomah County Library offers free printing in their branches. 

Where can I scan?

On campus, you can scan with OIT printer/scanners in the FMH basement and in Cramer Hall in the University Studies labs on the first and second floors. You can also scan documents to PDF with a smartphone using free apps like Adobe Scan, Apple Notes, and Microsoft Office Lens. The University of Oregon in Portland has book scanners at its two locations. 

Can I borrow technology like calculators and laptops and headsets from the library? 

We will have some graphing calculators on loan at the Pop-up Library in Smith 026. We are currently unable to loan laptops and headsets. 

How can I get help with technology? 

You can find answers to common technology questions from OIT. You can also call them on the phone or visit their helpdesk in the FMH lobby

Study spaces

Where can I study?

Many campus buildings, such as Fariborz Maseeh Hall, Karl Miller Center, and Smith Memorial Student Union, have designated study areas. Refer to the campus map for the full list. You can also use Multnomah County Library branches. We have heard that Washington County Libraries have some nice study spaces. And Vancouver area public libraries have nice study spaces as well. You can also use study spaces and borrow materials at other area academic libraries that are part of the Orbis Cascade Alliance, including Portland Community College, Reed College, University of Portland, University of Oregon in Portland, and others. 

Getting help

Where do I get help? 

Ask a Librarian is a great place to get help with research, finding materials, and lots of other questions. If you have questions specifically about materials you have borrowed, please email Starting May 29, you can get library information and help at the Pop-up Library in Smith 026. Our last day at the FMH Student Services Lobby is Tuesday, May 28. See our hours page for the schedule.

Special Collections and Archives

How is the collection?

The Head of Special Collections assessed the collection in person and states that there has been no damage or identifiable loss to special collections and archives.

How can I access special collections and university archives? 

Please contact with your rare book and archives questions. The physical collection will be inaccessible until further notice. We will do our best to answer your research questions and provide digital copies when available. 

The Learning Center

What about the Learning Center?

The Learning Center, housed on the second floor of the library, has temporarily relocated due to the library closure. The center employs over 8 full-time professionals and 60 undergraduate and graduate student employees. Here are the new locations for their services:

  • Academic Coaching: Now available in FMH 360 (the Advising Suite). Remote coaching sessions are also offered on weekends.
  • Peer Tutoring: Temporarily moved to Broadway Building 226.

Please visit these new locations to continue accessing Learning Center services during this period.

Material purchases

Can you buy something I want for the library collection? 

We are dealing with some limitations on what we can order in the short term, working only with a few established vendors. We can’t receive or process physical materials like books right now, either. This limits what we can purchase and make accessible through spring term and into summer term. 

What if I want an ebook or streaming film? 

We are dealing with some limitations on what we can order in the short term, working only with a few established vendors. Check with your subject librarian or use the purchase request form.

Library instruction

Can a librarian teach a library instruction session for my class?

Librarians are glad to teach library instruction sessions in person in your classroom, or remotely via Zoom or asynchronous tutorials. Please contact your subject librarian or use the instruction request form.

The library building

When will the library reopen?

We hope to reopen in time for fall term.

Can we help clean up the library?

We appreciate the generosity of spirit. We aren’t in charge of library cleanup and it’s best to leave this to campus facilities to sort out.

Why can’t you go into the library? Why can’t I?

The Library building suffered damage and loss, not just to paint, walls, windows, doors, and offices but also to the fire system and other important safety elements, and technology like staff and lab computers and classroom projectors. Workers are moving quickly and thoroughly, but it’s going to take time to clean up, conduct repairs, and get the building back in shape for users.

Library workers and looking forward

How can I help support library workers? 

The 49 faculty and staff, and over 30 student workers, in the Library have heard and appreciate the messages of support from students and colleagues at Portland State via social media, chat messages and emails. We also appreciate the support we have received from alumni, librarians and friends in our communities and beyond. It means a lot to us. 

While we don’t have any specific fundraisers right now, we anticipate a lot of need as we improve library spaces for workers and users. You are welcome to give to the Library Fund, a general fund we can draw on without restriction for the Library. 

What will happen next?

Contractors and facilities continue to work in the library building on repairs. We anticipate that library staff will be working again in the building after spring term graduation. We do not yet have a date for reopening the library to users. We are looking forward to reopening the building to users and will let you know when we have a date.