Wi-Fi & Web-based Printing

Wireless Access

Choose from  three Wi-Fi networks:

  • PSU Secure: recommended option for anyone with an Odin account because of its encryption and automatic re-connection feature
  • PSU: for older computers and devices not capable of WPA2E security. Choose this option if your computer has Windows XP or if you are using a sponsored or affiliate account
  • PSU Guest :  PSU Guest Wi-Fi Access (visitors)

Laptop and Web-based Printing

Affiliates print from personal devices or Research Kiosks using quota credit

    1. Connect to a PSU Wi-Fi network
    2. Login with your Odin username and password: https://print.pdx.edu
    3. Click “Web Print” in the left-side menu
    4. Click “Submit a Job” on the right
    5. Choose “Lab_BW_DoubleSided,” “Lab_BW_SingleSided,” “Lab_Color_DoubleSided, or “Lab_Color_SingleSided”
    6. Click “2. Print Options and Account Selection”
    7. Enter the number of Copies, and Click “3. Upload Document”
    8. Click “Choose File,” then browse and select your file
    9. Click “Upload & Complete”
    10. Retrieve job from 1st or 2nd floor print release station