Donor Recognition

Thank You!

The Portland State University Library thanks you for your generous support. Because of your contributions, our faculty and staff were able to accomplish many goals and projects to benefit our students and faculty. As we reflect on the past year and look forward to the years ahead, we thank you for all the ways you contributed to the University Library.

Library Advancement Council

This engaged group of donors and volunteers work as our partners in sharing the PSU Library story with alumni, community members and others interested in supporting the Library’s mission. Under the leadership of the Dean of the University Library, members of the Library Advancement Council provide volunteer support by connecting others to the exciting intellectual work at PSU, participating in events, and helping us further our goals by making a personal philanthropic commitment to the University Library.

We gratefully recognize our Advancement Council Members who share their time, expertise and philanthropic support to further the mission of the University Library.

  • Sue Brickey
  • Dan Halloran
  • Clarence Hein
  • Robin Holmes
  • Gary Leiser
  • Bob Lockerby
  • Corey Lohman

Donor Honor Roll

The Portland State University Library is pleased to recognize the generous PSU alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and community members who support the University Library each year. Their support enables us to do more for our students, faculty, and community users in a time when resources are critical.

Our mission is to promote learning and discovery and to advance research and scholarship by providing effective instruction, diverse information resources, and high quality user-centered services for an engaged higher education community. We facilitate the success of our students by using new tools, resources, and services to guide the learning path in exciting directions – all made possible through gifts to the Library from these generous supporters. The Donor Spotlights page also describes the impact of donor contributions to the Library.

July 1, 2013 – June 30th, 2014

Ms. Katya Amato
Ms. Sarah Beasley*
Mr. Thomas Bielavitz*
Professor Richard & Dr. June Brinkman
Dr. Scott & Ms. Glenda Burns
Professor Frank Cater
Ms. Beryl & Professor Vic Dahl
Mr. Richard Dana
Ms. Barbara Glackin*
Professor Paul Hammond
Mr. Joshua Hancock*
Ms. Becky & Mr. Clarence Hein
Professor David Horowitz & Ms. Gloria Myers
Mr. Dennis & Ms. Judy Isaacson
Professor Mary Ellen Kenreich* & Ms. Caroline Mann
Professor Jane Kristof
Prof. Bill Lang & Ms. Marianne Keddington-Lang
Dr. Caroline Litzenberger
Professor Bob Lockerby & Ms. Terri Cummings
Ms. Marg Lyseng
Ms. Marilyn Moody*
Ms. Cristine Paschild*
Professor Richard & Dr. Marilyn Petersen
Ms. Joan Petit*
Mr. Tom & Ms. Ann Pfingsten
Ms. Joanne Pranger
Ms. Rebecca Reed
Ms. Stacy & Mr. Steve Schoo
Ms. Jian Wang*
Ms. Kimberly Willson-St. Clair* & Mr. Jeffrey St. Clair
Mr. Ray & Ms. Jean Auel
Dr. Bruce Barnes
Ms. Barbara Barrie
Mr. John Bjerke
Ms. Francoise Bourdonnec & Mr. Ronald Story
Mr. Raymond Caballero & Ms. Mary Hull Caballero
Ms. Margarita Caballero
Ms. Lynn Chmelir
Ms. Greta Christensen
Mr. John Clarke
Ms. Barbara Covey
Mr. Ken Cropper
Mr. David Dengler
Mr. Robert & Mrs. Nancy Edmiston
Mr. Bruce & Ms. Cindy Fitzwater
Lieutenant Commander Duane Funk
Ms. Carol Gardner
Mr. Earl & Mrs. Sandra Gjelde
Mr. Dennis & Ms. Kathleen Goodyear
Mr. George & Ms. Joanne Gornick
Ms. Kristy Gravlin
Mr. Rich & Ms. Janice Green
Ms. Gretta Grimala
Mr. Gary & Ms. Gail Grimes
Mr. Dave Hagerty
Ms. Yvonne Hajda
Ms. Karen & Mr. Dan Halloran
Mr. James Hardy
Mr. Jason Havelka
Ms. Normandie & Mr. Robert Holmes
D. Huynh
Dr. Luther & Ms. Karen Johansen
Mr. Charles Johnson
Ms. Edith Kerbaugh
Mr. Mike Koike
Ms. Ruth & Mr. Donald LaFrance
Mr. Bill & Ms. Genna Lemman
Dr. Dolores & Dr. Fernando Leon
Ms. Patricia Lewis
Ms. Judith Litt
Mr. Charles & Ms. Marcia Logan
Mr. Corey & Ms. Stacy Lohman
Ms. Melanie Marcus
Ms. Kay McMurry
Mr. Ronald Neely
Ms. April & Mr. April & Dayle Ober
Professor John & Ms. Sandra O’Rourke
Ms. Fran Ousley
Ms. Wanda Pease
Ms. Pat Pung
Ms. Haifeng Qu
Mr. Bob Rawson
Ms. Mary Ann & Mr. Paul Roberts
Ms. Lorraine Rodich & Mr. Robert Shimane
Mr. Rollie & Ms. Irene Ruehlman
Ms. Cordelia Sayler
Mr. Dennis Schindele & Ms. Marilyn Jones
Ms. Virginia Seiser
Mr. Gary Shaw
Ms. Donna Sheets-Mathew
Ms. Beverly Silva
Ms. Maureen Sloan
Ms. Mary & Mr. Jay Smith
Ms. Jill & Mr. Steven Tanner
Mr. Gerard & Ms. Rita Van Deene
Mr. Bill & Ms. Janet Walker
Ms. Jennifer Wilkerson
Ms. Marie Williams
Ms. Dorothy Zornman
Cascadia Foundation
The Connable Office, Inc.
Owls Roost Enterprise LLP
Portland State Bookstore
Tarbell Family Foundation
William Michael Foster Family
Cordelia M. Sayler Trust

*University Library Faculty/Staff

Every effort has been made to review the information included in this report. Please accept our apologies if your information appears incorrectly, and bring it to our attention.