PDXScholar: The Institutional Repository of PSU Scholarship

PDXScholar is an online archive for PSU-authored articles, textbooks, journals, conferences, reports, & data sets. PDXScholar maximizes research impact, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and expands the reach of Portland State University scholarship worldwide.

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  • Increases citation impact and visibility
  • Easy to archive and share work with colleagues
  • Persistent URL (permalink), and DOIs for some collections
  • Meets data management requirements for dissemination
  • Sign Up for Your SelectedWorks Profile — a personalized web page that offers:
    • Better ranking in search engine results than other personal web pages
    • Broader dissemination to enhance professional visibility and impact
    • Usage tracking with download reports
    • Notifies colleagues when new publications are uploaded
    • Creates an online vita which can provide full-text access to your publications
    • Exists in perpetuity regardless of PSU affiliation


  • Content must be produced by a PSU faculty, staff, or student, or PSU-sponsored.
  • Content falls under a non-exclusive distribution license to allow online access.
  • Ideally, if the work is part of a series, all works in the series will be contributed.
  • Citations, pre/post-prints, or final versions are included based on copyright terms.
  • Individual contracts with authors supersede journal policies.
  • Retention and Removal Policy:
    Portland State University Library reserves the right to make content available in perpetuity. Content will not be withdrawn from PDXScholar unless significant or unusual circumstances, including legal concerns, such as copyright, libelous content, or privacy issues arise.

Authors’ Rights

  • Authors must grant PSU the right to preserve and distribute the work.
  • Authors must own the copyright or have obtained permission to publish.
  • Authors retain copyright, unless a  copyright transfer agreement exists.
  • Authors can set conditions on the reuse of their work:

Student Submissions

Open Access Textbooks

Open access textbooks are freely available on the web for students at PSU and beyond.


Successful proposals will meet the following criteria:

  • Used in a PSU course
  • Comprehensive
  • Geared toward a specific field of study
  • Reviewed by 2–3 peer-reviewers: 2 reviewers are unaffiliated with PSU
  • Meets Open Textbook Library submission criteria
  • Impacts large numbers of PSU students (preferred)

Intellectual Property

In accordance with Portland State University Intellectual Property Policies and Guidelines, authors are required to assign copyright to PSU. The open access textbook will include a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license which will allow author(s) and others to remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially. The new work must acknowledge Portland State University as the original copyright holder and be non-commercial, the derivative work does not have to be licensed under the same terms. Portland State University will hold these rights as well.


PSU Library, through generous donor support, sometimes offers funding for open access textbook publication. A budget for the project is agreed upon by the Library and recipient at the outset, and includes other payroll expenses (OPE) on any funds used for payroll-related expenditures.

When funding is provided, it can be used for:

  • Summer support for 9-month faculty/staff
  • Research support: peer-reviewers, accuracy checkers, copy-editors
  • Graduate Assistant support

Journal Hosting

All requests for new journals will be reviewed and approved by the Library.

The journal’s editorial board will be responsible for the following:

  • Design/layout
  • Managing submissions
  • Uploading content
  • Promotion

How it works:

  • The Library provides training on the journal software interface.
  • Peer-reviewed journals need an editorial board to manage peer review.
  • At start-up, one PSU faculty member must be on the editorial board.
  • All student-run journals must be sponsored by a PSU faculty member.
  • The editorial board must have a plan for long-term publication.
  • Editorial board members are posted on the journal information page.
  • The editorial board or department is responsible to promote the journal.
  • For a new journal, the Library will request an International Standard Serial Number.
  • The journal will be added to the Library catalog to create an additional access point.
  • The library will register a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for each article.

Conference Hosting

PDXScholar can provide a peer-review workflow and application process designed to streamline and simplify facilitating PSU-held conferences.

Features include:
  • Conferences can have unique branding
  • Tools to manage online submission, peer review, and publication
  • Indexed and discoverable in search engines
  • Uploads of video, slideshows, photos, and more

Data Sets

PDXScholar hosts data sets.
  • No fees
  • No file size limit
  • No type/format limits
  • Amazon S3 backup
  • DOI – permanent, unique identifier

Email Digital Initiatives Staff to Submit Data:

  • Title
    Manuscript and dataset titles should be similar.
  • Names
    Lead Investigators, co-authors, and affiliations
  • Abstract
    A short summary that provides information on context, goals, methods, and outcomes. Attach a separate document to provide more details, such as how to replicate results (e.g. a ‘readme’ file, XML file, or codebook).
  • Sponsorship
    Institution, organization or person that provided financial or inkind support for the development or collection of the dataset.
  • Related materials
    List any related manuscripts, datasets, conference proceedings, etc. and provide identifiers (e.g. DOI, URI) when possible.
  • Format of data
    Use the file extension or MIME type where possible, e.g., PDF, XML, MPG or application/pdf, text/xml, video/mpeg.

More Information:
Manage Your Research Data Guide