Grant Programs

Portland State University Library is pleased to announce a new faculty incentive program – High-Impact Open Educational Resources (OER) Grant Program – to encourage the use, creation, and adaptation of openly licensed information resources to support our students’ learning. This effort supports PSU faculty who are interested in adopting, adapting, or creating open educational resources (OER) and new forms of digital scholarship as alternatives to traditional textbooks. This new OER grant joins our Open Access Textbook Creation Grant in our expanded Open Education Initiative.

Three types of grants will be awarded:

  1. Adopt OER: Redesign course to incorporate OER content that already exists and has been developed into comprehensive course materials, including supplemental materials such as test questions, presentation slides, and handouts. This includes small edits or changes to an already existing OER.
    • Low to Medium Enrollment: $1,000
    • High Enrollment Course: $2,000
  2. Adapt OER: Combine or remix new or existing openly licensed content to bridge gaps in available resources.
    • Low to Medium Enrollment: $3,000
    • High Enrollment Course: $5,000
  3. Open Access Textbook Creation: Create an open access textbook that is designed specifically for the course that you teach.
    • Low to Medium Enrollment: $6,000
    • High Enrollment Course: $8,000

For complete information:


Apply for the High-Impact OER Grant (Adopt/Adapt)

Apply for the Open Access Textbook Creation Grant


Deadline: Applications for all grants are due on March 1, 2019. Awards are anticipated to be announced within two weeks.

Please see the Library’s libguide for additional information on OER:

(Slider photo credit: UNESCO Global Open Educational Resources Logo” licensed under CC BY 3.0)