Open Education Initiative

Open Educational resources (OER) are free (no cost) instructional materials anyone can customize for their own learning or teaching. OERs have the potential to offset the cost of educational materials and allow instructors to adapt them to suit their teaching approach. Portland State University Library seeks to improve student success and inspire new pedagogical practices by directly supporting OER adoption and reuse.

The goal of the OER Grant Initiative is to encourage instructor experimentation and innovation in finding new, better, and less costly ways to deliver learning materials to their students through open educational resources in PSU classrooms. Open in this context means free plus reuse rights, which is generally accomplished through a Creative Commons license. There are 3 models through which OER may be implemented: adopt an existing open resource or textbook, adapt existing resources to local needs, and create new resources to fill a gap in suitable materials. Each model requires an investment in time and effort to identify materials and adjust the course to new material. The third model, creation of new resources, can be quite time consuming. PSU Library OER Grant Initiative seeks to support and incentivize OER adoption, adaptation, and creation through small grants to participating instructors.

Three type of grants:

  • Adopt an existing open textbook (or other educational resource); $500
  • Adapt existing open educational resources to your instructional needs; $2,000
  • Create an open educational resource where none currently exist; $8,000

* We are not accepting applications at this time.

For more general information about OER, see the Open Educational Resources Guide