Alternative Access for Elsevier Articles

What are the impacts of the lapse in subscription contract that will take effect on January 1, 2023?

  • PSU will work to retain online access to the 150 titles subscribed titles from 1997–2022.
  • PSU will also retain full access to a few selected other titles where backfile access was purchased.
  • PSU will have access to all new Elsevier content published on an open access basis, including: all publications in fully open SCOAP3 journals such as Physics Letters B; 50% of new Cell Press articles and 100% of Cell Press articles older than 12 months; and all articles in any journal with a corresponding author affiliated with one of these institutions covered by a blanket OA publishing agreement.
  • PSU will be able to access closed/subscription Elsevier articles through the interlibrary loan service (ILL), with most requested articles delivered in one business day. 
  • PSU will not have subscription access to new Elsevier content published on a closed/subscription basis from January 1, 2023, onward, until a new agreement is reached.

How can users get access to Elsevier articles that they need?

  • Discovery of Scholarly Open Access Content  – This guide provides access information for scholarly open access content.
  • Resource delivery from the PSU Library through ILL
  • OHSU Library continues to have full access to Elsevier articles

Who can I reach out to for more information, or I’ve got a question I can’t answer?

  • For any comments, further information, or specific  questions, please send an email to: