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Library Fund


The Library Fund addresses the current and critical needs of the library anhelps us maintain our role as the center of an engaged urban campus. These funds also give us the flexibility to support new initiatives that align with our goal: to be an outstanding library that constantly adapts, rethinks, innovates, and looks to the future. We listen to our students and faculty throughout the year, and support the areas of greatest need—from technology initiatives to space improvements to creating comprehensive research collections.

Our third floor renovation is a great example of the Library Fund at work. We were able to add comfortable seating and technology-enhanced spaces for mobile devices and laptops. Donor support also allowed us to launch a new iPad borrowing program for our students. Both of these projects were among the most requested by students.

For many students, the Library is an active partner in the academic experience.
A gift to the Library Fund is one of the most significant ways to contribute to the tomorrow’s
great leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

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