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Absher, Linda
Humanities Librarian / Associate Professor
Baty, Nathan
Billing Clerk
Beasley, Sarah
Humanities & Social Sciences Librarian / Associate Professor
Bielavitz, Tom
Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services, Planning & Digital Initiatives / Associate Professor
Bimslager, Genny
Collection Coordinator/ Reference Technician
Bjork, Karen
Digital Initiatives Coordinator
Black, Nancy
Continuing Resources Cataloging Technician
Blalock, Molly
Access Services Manager
Bowman, Michael
Engineering Librarian; Data Management Coordinator / Associate Professor
Brown, Michael
Coord. of Computer Support Services, System Administrator
Buchanan, Sherry
Content & Usability Strategist and Digital Collections Technician
Cedillo, Herminia (Min)
Interlibrary Loan Technician
Chanthavong, Pon
Circulation Evening Supervisor
Coate, David
Monographic Cataloging Assistant
Cunningham, Jasmine
Circulation Technician
Doig, Stephanie
Office Manager
Emery, Jill
Collections Development Librarian / Assistant Professor
Farkas, Meredith
Social Sciences Librarian; General Education Coordinator / Assistant Professor
Flakus, Michael
Lead Web Programmer
Ford, Emily
Urban & Public Affairs Librarian; Scholarly Communication Coordinator / Assistant Professor
Geib, Chris
Library Systems Administrator
Glackin, Barbara
Assistant University Librarian for Resource Services & Technology / Associate Professor
Guzzetta, Julie
Computer Applications / User Support Specialist
Hall, Mitchell
Bibliographic Searcher
Hancock, Josh
Facilities and Collections Coordinator
Harrison, Carolee
Special Collections & Conservation Technician
Hauser, Allen
Collection Coordinator/Reference Technician
Hendricks, Arthur (Art)
Social Sciences Librarian / Associate Professor
Hofer, Amy
Distance Learning Librarian / Senior Instructor
Ivey, Pamela
Resource Sharing Technician
Keech, Anne
Library Administration Office Specialist
Kenreich, Mary Ellen
Head of Acquisitions and Preservation / Professor
Kern, Kristen (Kris)
Fine and Performing Arts Librarian / Associate Professor
Knutson, Jean
Government Information Assistant
Larsen, Tom
Head of Monographic Cataloging / Associate Professor
Marshall, Rex
Circulation and Collection Maintenance Coordinator
Masland, Turner
Resource Sharing Supervisor
Mealey, Nathan
Manager of Library Technologies
Minato, Teresa
Resource Acquisitions & Cataloging Assistant
Moody, Marilyn
Dean, University Library
Nguyen, Allen
Reserves Coordinator
Paschild, Cristine (Cris)
University Archivist and Head of Special Collections / Assistant Professor
Pascual, Stacey
Digital Collections Technician
Pendell, Kimberly (Kim)
Social Sciences Librarian / Assistant Professor
(503) Webpage
Petit, Joan
Communications & Outreach Librarian / Assistant Professor
Ratliff, Philip
Serials Maintenance Coordinator
Read, Sara
Circulation Technician
Robinson, Bertrand
Government Information Cataloging Assistant/Map Coordinator
Sager, Suzanne
Monographic Cataloging Assistant
Schmurr, Elizabeth
Library Accountant/Fiscal Analyst
Schroeder, Bob
Education Librarian / Associate Professor
Siegel, Gretta
Science Librarian / Professor
Stapelberg, Teresa
Electronic Resources & Multi-Format Cataloging Technician
Stewart, Wendy
Resource Services and Special Projects Librarian / Associate Professor
Wang, Jian
Electronic and Continuing Resources Librarian / Professor
Weston, Claudia
Interim Assistant University Librarian for Public Services & Government Information Librarian / Professor
Willson-St. Clair, Kimberly (Kim)
Reference & Instruction Librarian / Instructor
Wu, Qi (Kerry)
Business Librarian / Associate Professor
Zimmerschied, Joyce
Preparations Assistant

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