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PSU Library Faculty -- Gretta Siegel


Gretta Siegel, MS, MLS
Science Librarian

BA, Chemistry (1979) Humboldt State University
MS, Biochemistry/Biophysics (1984) Oregon State University
MLS, Information Science (1985) Syracuse University


Areas of Responsibility in the Library

Reference, Instruction, and Collection Development for the Sciences

Liaison to: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Geography, Geology, Physics, Center for Science Education, Center for the Study of Lakes and Reservoirs, Oregon Geographic Alliance, Center for Nanoscience, Aquatic Bioinvasion Research and Policy Institute, National Coastal Resources Research and Development Institute, Institute for Sustainable Solutions.

Research Interests

  • Scientific / Scholarly Communication
  • Grey Literature
  • Management of Scientific Information
  • Academic/Community Partnering for Information Access
  • Columbia Basin Fisheries Issues and Information Dissemination
  • Graduate Education and Information Literacy

Current Projects
  • Resource Guide to state, federal, and local agencies and tribes pertaining to Columbia Basin fisheries management (book in progress)
  • Joel W. Hedgpeth archives project


Selected Publications / Presentations
  • Siegel, Gretta E. 2010. Institutional Grey Literature in the University Environment, IN: Grey Literature in Library and Information Studies, Dominic J. Farace and Joachim Schpfel, editors, Munich: De Gruyter Saur publisher, 282 pp. 
  • Schroeder, R. and Siegel, G.E. 2009. A Cooperative Publishing Model for Sustainable Scholarship, IN: The State of Scholarly Publishing: Challenges and Opportunities, Albert N. Greco, Editor, New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 292 pp.
  • Siegel, G. (editor), 2009, Libraries and graduate Students: Building Connections, London: Routledge, 224 pp.
  • Siegel, G., 2007, From Gatekeeper to Portal to Cyber-Commons: The ever-evolving nature of the university library. Presented November 7 to faculty, staff, students and administrators at Fujian Normal University, Fouzhou, China.
  • Siegel, G. 2007, Grey Literature: Local, Regional, and Global Aspects. Presented to the Fujian Library Society, October 26, Fouzhou, Fujian, China.
  • Schroeder, R. and Siegel, G. 2006. A Cooperative Publishing Model for Sustainable Scholarship, Journal of Scholarly Publishing, v. 37(2), 86-98. (reprinted in The Grey Journal, 3(2) Summer , 2007)
  • Jones, Faith and Siegel, Gretta E. Yizkor Books as Holocaust Grey Literature, GL7, The 7th International Conference on Grey Literature, December 5th-6th, 2005, Nancy, France.
  • Siegel, Gretta E. Open Access to Natural Resources Information, NRIC 2005, the Fifteenth Annual Meeting of the Natural Resources Information Council, July 13-17, 2005, Boise, ID.
  • Siegel, Gretta E. Conquering Aversions to Grey: Connecting with colleagues and community for improved access to grey literature, Oregon Library Association Annual Conference, April 6-8, 2005, Portland, Oregon.
  • Siegel, Gretta E. 2004. Capturing Academic Grey Literature: Starting at Home, Publishing Research Quarterly, v.20(1), 62-69.
  • Siegel, Gretta E. 2003. A Tale of Two Conferences, Cuba Style, World Libraries, 13 (1-2).
  • Siegel, Gretta E., Scholarly Publishing in Natural Resources and Conservation: Issues and Trends, Association for Conservation Information and Natural Resources Information Council (Joint meeting), July 24-30th, 2003, Cody, WY.
  • Siegel, Gretta E., From Gatekeeper to Gateway to Distributed Multi-Dimensional Portal: The Changing Services of the University Library, 2nd Congress of the Cuban Librarians Association, Feb 5-8, 2003, Havana, Cuba.
  • Siegel, Gretta E., Literacy, Science, and Libraries in Cuba, NRIC 2002, the Twelfth annual Meeting of the Natural Resources Information Council, July 17-21, 2002, Durango, CO.
  • Siegel, Gretta E., Creating Collection Development Policies for Grey Literature, NRIC 2002, the Twelfth annual Meeting of the Natural Resources Information Council, July 17-21, 2002, Durango, CO.
  • Panel organizer and presenter: Serving the Information Literacy needs of our Graduate Students -- Collaborative Strategies for Success, LOEX of the West Conference, June 26-29, 2002, Eugene, OR
  • Siegel, Gretta E. The Crisis of Scientific Information Dissemination in North America, IN: INFO 2002, Proceedings of the 14th Congress of Information: Information, Knowledge and Society -- challenges of a new era, April 22-26, 2002, Havana, Cuba.
  • Bennett, C., F. Powell, S. Ryan, G. Siegel, D. Vidmar. Si Se Puede = Yes, You Can: The Role of Libraries in the Achievement of the Educational and Literacy Goals of the Cuban People, OLA/WLA Joint Conference, April 16-20th, 2002, Portland, OR
  • Oftedahl, L. and G. Siegel, What makes a library a library and why does it matter? Data Standards from A to Z: Annual Meeting of the Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers, November 3-7, 2001, Portland, OR.
  • Oftedahl, L. and G.Siegel, How do you catalog a frog, a matchbook cover, and other information-rich resources? Data Standards from A to Z: Annual Meeting of the Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers, November 3-7, 2001, Portland, OR.
  • Siegel, Gretta E. A Suite of Reviews Regarding Columbia Basin Salmon Recovery Counterpoise, v.2(3), 22-23, 1999.
  • Siegel, Gretta E. The landscape of the literature of the Endangered Species Act: a look beyond natural resources. NRIC 99, the Ninth annual Meeting of the Natural Resources Information Council, July 6-9, 1999, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
  • [Siegel, Gretta E.] Citing Information Found on the StreamNet Web Site., July 31, 1998.
  • Siegel, G. 1997. StreamNet: an integrated information system serving fisheries scientists and managers in the Columbia River Basin - or - Is innovation possible when differing traditions collide? IN: Markham, J.W. & A.L. Duda (eds.) Tradition and Innovation: Planning our future, Proc. Of the 22nd Annual Conference of IAMSLIC, pp.93-97. Fort Pierce, FL.

Current University and Community Involvement
  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation - Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Institute for Judaic Studies - Board of Directors
  • ERIC Library Committee, advisory to U.S. Department of Education

Recent Awards
  • 2010: Institutional Career Support Grant, $2881
  • 2007: Selected for Horner Exchange to China in fall of 2007
  • 2006: Institutional Career Support Grant, $4,500
  • 2005: Faculty Development Travel Grant, $700
  • 2004: IMLS Federal appropriation request for the retrospective conversion of Hebrew and Arabic materials, including the digitization of a special collection, $317,000 (with others).

  • 2002-2003: PSU Internationalization Mini-Grant to enhance information transfer with and about Cuba, $1000
  • 2002: Faculty Development Travel Grant, $1000
  • 2000: Grant from the Center for Academic Excellence for grey literature assessment project, $2500, principal investigator
  • 1995-96: Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program (U.S. Dept. of Commerce) community networking grant to do project planning for joining four Columbia River tribes with the developing global information infrastructure, $46,237. Co-Principle investigator.

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