Open Access Textbooks

PSU Library has always sought to reduce student textbook costs. PDX Open was a pilot project to do just that. The project was funded by the Provost’s Challenge to reThink PSU, with the overarching goal of accelerating online learning by using innovative technology in educational delivery. Open textbooks are digital in format and made freely available over the web for students at PSU and beyond. Textbooks are published in PDXScholar, the university’s institutional repository managed by PSU Library.

Submit an Open Textbook Proposal

Call for Proposals: Proposals are due May 4, 2015.

Faculty authors whose proposals are accepted for publication will receive a $2,500 stipend. These funds can be allocated at the faculty member’s discretion, for professional travel, research support, peer-reviewers, accuracy checkers, and copy-editors. Publication would occur by Winter Term 2016.
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    • Briefly describe the content of your book. Successful proposals will be comprehensive works geared toward a specific field of study. Preference will be given to proposals with applicability towards multiple, high-enrollment undergraduate courses taught by faculty in a single department at PSU.
    • Provide manuscript specifics, such as a table of contents, chapter by chapter description, and estimated length.
    • Describe your intended audience, and any courses that would be likely to use the book at PSU or other schools.
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        If available, please upload sample chapters, preferably the introduction and one or two substantive chapters.
      • Have you submitted this textbook to other presses? If so, to whom did you submit it?
      • Please suggest 2–3 possible peer-reviewers for your manuscript, including contact information and affiliation.
      • This is your brief biography. Include brief bios for coauthors, if applicable.
      • If you prefer not to upload, please provide a link to your online CV or resumé in the Comments field.