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Late Night Access to PSU Library

Date: 03/07/2014

Entering the Library Overnight: A Photo Essay

PSU Library will be open 24 hours from Monday, March 10 at 7:30am until Thursday, March 20 at midnight. Make sure you can get into the Library overnight! Here's a photo essay, starring Mary, to illustrate the important steps you need to take to enter the Library overnight.


1. Mary needs her white PSU ID/Access Card to enter the Library late at night. Don't have one? Stop by ID Card Services in Neuberger.


2. Mary places her PSU ID/Access Card at the card reader near the ADA-accessible entrance to the Library. The card reader scans her card.


3. After scanning her PSU ID/Access Card, Mary pushes the blue ADA-accessible door button.


4. After pushing the blue ADA-accessible door button, Mary waits a few seconds. That door takes a long time to open!


5. Hurray, Mary! She made it into the Library. Follow the same steps as Mary to make sure you can enter the Library during 24/7 late nights.

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