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Public Opinion Research Made Easier

Date: 09/11/2012
“Public opinion in this country is everything.” Abraham Lincoln. September 16, 1859 Graph of Gallup PollAnd what would President Lincoln think of public opinion now? Whether opinion is related to personal technology use or presidential approval ratings, the media, academicians, and think tanks study and analyze this uniquely democratic beast: public opinion. For Portland State students and faculty, finding historic and current public opinion has just gotten easier by using Roper Center for Public Opinion’s iPoll database. iPoll provides researchers with up-to-date public opinion survey results from academic, commercial and media opinion surveys. Would you like to know what surveys revealed regarding Americans' views of Michelle Obama just last month? iPoll can tell you. Would you like to know if American supported the creation of uniform traffic laws for all states in 1935? iPoll has that, too. As we enter into the full-swing of election season, Roper Center for Public Opinion’s iPoll database is your resource for exploring historical and current public opinion. See what gems you can find in this new resource!

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