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New covered bike parking - removal of cob bench

Date: 07/19/2010
New covered bike parking - removal of cob bench For over a year the Portland State Library has been seeking a solution to the ongoing conflict between smokers and non-smokers on the library portico and also trying to meet increased demand for covered bike parking for those using the Library. The cob bench had been designed as a gathering place, but its position under cover made it a favorite place for smokers on campus, leading to complaints and conflict. Attempts by both the library and the Campus Public Safety Office to enforce the no-smoking rule failed. Last October we began a conversation with the faculty, students, and administrators involved with building the cob bench, as well as bicycle advocates and the Portland State Transportation office. The idea of replacing the cob bench with bike parking was raised. While those involved in building the cob bench were disappointed with its removal, most expressed understanding of the problem and the library's considerable efforts to resolve it. Bicycle advocates and the Portland State Transportation department supported the idea and provided suggestions and drawings for making it happen. Earlier this summer, the library posted plans for the change on its website and asked for comment. Over 870 people viewed the plans, and the comments were overwhelmingly positive. Because of this, the Library plans to proceed with the change this summer. Here are the comments we received:
  • I think it is great. I often have to walk thorugh a cloud of smoke on the way to the library, this is a good alternative. Furthermore, all the cigarette butts are unsightly littering the entry to the library. I park my bike in this area whenever there is space. Angled or straight parking is ok as long as there is ample room between the bicycle wheels and the wall. This will be a major improvement in parking outside the library. Will this be a no smoking area now? It really should be.
  • I like it!
  • Thanks for getting rid of the smoking!
  • I am in favor of the proposed bicycle parking. The smoking currently happening there is very unpleasant. I prefer option 2, the angle parking.
  • I prefer angle to straight in parking, it looks better and seems less crowded.
  • I have asthma, and the smoking is terrible. Thanks for getting rid of it!
  • This is a great idea. I am always more than happy to haul my bike up some stairs if it means covered parking on particularly wet days. I prefer straight racks. Would there be enough room between the wall of the library and the racks to potentially park 4 to a rack? Doesn't look like it with just 7'.
  • I definitely think that it should be used for bike parking. I usually arrive early enough so that I can get a covered area, but even if I do not arrive at the same time it would still be nice to not have to look at the two covered areas and realize that they are all full, only to probably end up being late to class finding somewhere new to park my bike. And it would be nice for a lot of the other bike riders as well, because I always feel bad when I see riders ride up in the rain and have to park out from under cover, knowing that my bike is covered. And I used to be a smoker and believe that it is a horrible habit that should remain away from the public who do not smoke. Even when I did smoke I had enough courtesy to keep it away from people who did not smoke. Now people continue smoking even when it is apparent that others are dying for freash air. So my opinion is, YES!!!! Turn that area in to a covered bike area. And my vote is for the straight-in parking.
  • I prefer Option 2 (angle parking) as I believe it will enable elongated frames to utilize the bicycle staples without any chance of us the wheels touching the Millar Library building; however, I'm concerned about the proposed placement as it looks as though it may compromise access to the existing two, covered staples to the north.
  • I like the straight parking. I don't want those smokers to be hating on bikes though. Are there any designated areas for smokers on campus?
  • angle parking. good idea to put it infront of library
  • Great idea! Walking through a cloud of smoke to get to the library was not pleasant. If PCC can make their campuses smoke free - PSU can too! I like the straight in parking. Is there a possibility for a ramp for those of us who have older, heavy bikes?
  • I think it's a terrible idea. There's plenty of covered bike parking on campus, up by the Meetro, down in the old bike co-op garage, and, besides, rain is God's way of telling people who bike to school it's time to take it easy. Take the bus, the max, the umbrella, but please, please, please don't take my secret library covered bike parking slot. Thanks for ruining the fun of being only one of eight lucky bikers on a sad rainy day.
  • What a great idea! I thought I would never see this ugly bench go away.
  • Thanks! I don't think the bench really belongs there and there are always too many cig butts around.

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