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Social Networking for Physical Scientists

Date: 10/19/2009

American Institute of Physics Announces Social Networking for Researchers* AIP UniPHY is social networking platform for physical scientists that is pre-populated with profiles of individual researchers based on their publication history. Users will find their colleaguesÂ’ research and will be able to follow a web of connections that shows each researcher involved in the project and their past collaborators. Profiles include information such as the number of articles a person published in a given year, what specific fields these papers were in, and the number of co-author connections each has. If you are a researcher who has published at least two papers that are indexed in AIPÂ’s SPIN database you will have a pre-populated profile which you can validate after registering at the site. For more information or to validate or set up your profile, go to: *AIP Library Matters : News for Librarians, Fall 2009

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