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Electronic Resource Update

Date: 09/21/2009
The Journal Business Economics is now available online through the Library's Web site. We will continue to receive print issues through the end of 2009 and then in online format only. The Nature Publishing Group has taken over the distribution of this title, so it will join other NPG titles including Palgrave publications, on the Nature Platform. Due to budget reductions, PSU Library has been forced to make some difficult decisions concerning our support of Electronic Resources. The following titles will no longer be available to PSU users [effective dates as noted]: Β• Cambridge Journals online [access ends 12/31/2009] Β• Global Books in Print [access ends 01/31/2010] Β• Popular Culture Universe [access ends 10/31/2009] Β• Book Review Index [access ends April 30, 2010] Β• Virtual Reference Library [access ends May 31, 2010] Β• Chicano database [access ends May 31, 2010] Β• Essay and general literature online [access ends January 31, 2010] Β• GDCS [access ends July 31, 2010] Β• ITER : gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance [access ends 12/31/2009] Β• PsycBOOKS [access ended 09/01/2009] Β• ReferenceUSA [access ends 06/14/2010] Β• SimplyMap [access ends 11/30/2009] Β• SocIndex [access ends 10/31/2009] Β• Weldasearch [access ends 12/31/2009] Β• China Data online [access ends 05/31/2010] Β• LΒ’Annee philologique [access ends 04/18/2010] If you need help finding alternatives to this content, please contact the Library (503) 725-5874.

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